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La Belle broke off an engagement to Temptations founding member Otis Williams in 1964 and later married longtime friend Armstead Edwards in 1960. Would we even care if this story if this story were about a 71-year-old man dating a 41-year-old woman? Men being romantically involved with younger women is widely accepted in our culture and more common.In 11.6 percent of marriages, the husband is 6 to 9 years older than the wife, according to US population data, for example, while the wife is 6 to 9 years older than the husband in only 2.7 percent of marriages. One moment you assume you have a close enough relationship with music legend Patti La Belle that Patti La Belle might tell you personally if she’s been dating her 41-year-old drummer Eric Seats for an entire year and a half.comes new dating rumors, as a couple's chemistry on the dance floor can make viewers root for an off-screen hookup. Of course, hell yeah, date that younger man whom you met “when he was hired to be your drummer several years ago,” reportedly.

Daily reports that the Godmother of Soul, 71, has been dating drummer Eric Seats, 41, for more than a year.

Soul legend Patti La Belle, 71, reportedly has a new boyfriend who's 30 years her junior.

Eric Seats is a 41-year-old drummer, and the two have been sweethearts for a year and a half, according to the La Belle and Seats first met when the drummer started playing in the two-time Grammy winner's band several years ago.

While Seats moved to Philly to be closer to his girlfriend, the drummer is now in Japan touring with Lalah Hathaway.

The musician has also toured with big names like Stevie Wonder, Mary J. La Belle was previously married to Armstead Edwards for 31 years.

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Patti La Belle is going all cougar with a much younger boyfriend, Eric Seats.

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