Validating forms in dreamweaver 8

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The back-end is the script running on your webserver.

The back-end script receives the form submission and does the heavy stuff like emailing the form submissions or saving to a database.

In case you do not see them, go to Window then Insert.

In the toolbox that appears, click on the dropdown named “Common” then select the Form option.

By David Karlins, Doug Sahlin Dreamweaver CS6 tools for collecting and conforming passwords work like this: First you create a password field using a Spry Validation widget, and then you create a confirm field using a Spry Validation widget.

Of course, to create these, or any form fields, your insertion point must be inside a form.

It is always good to do validations on the server side as well.

So let us head on and create our form using Dreamweaver.

This tutorial takes you one step ahead and shows you how to build great interactive forms in Dreamweaver.

With that all in place, follow these steps to create a password/password-confirm form field set: You can use the same techniques you used to define the password field to define the confirm field.

But because whatever is entered in the confirm form field has to match what was entered in the password field, the only really necessary parameters here are an ID (say, “confirm”) and label (“ Type your password again.”).

A dialog box will appear where you can specify the label and id for the text field you have inserted into the form.

Do this for the name, email and message fields labeling each one correctly in the dialog box that appears.

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The form tools will now appear: You can split the code view and the design view into two or work entirely in design view.

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