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Us marines dating sites

Yet, the Blood Angels are not driven towards the fury of close assault by tactical necessity or battlefield doctrine alone.The Chapter's reliance on blood and the need to cleanse it to keep the Flaw at bay exerts a strange and all but irresistible hold on the Blood Angels.For many, the Red Thirst is prelude to the ultimate expression of the Flaw, the Black Rage, in which the state becomes permanent and all-consuming.The Blood Angels and their Successor Chapters are unique in that their gene-seed imposes an unusual, and ultimately tragic, flaw upon each Battle-Brother.They employ an entirely new pattern of vehicle of mysterious origins: the Stormraven gunship.This vessel appears as a lighter cousin of the Thunderhawk, and while its smaller size means it carries less weaponry and a smaller troop capacity, it greatly makes up for this in speed and manoeuvrability.

The Blood Angels' doctrine of aerial assault culminates in savage close combat.

In battle, the Blood Angels are drawn to spill the blood of their foes, and their ordinarily noble countenance can occasionally transform into twisted, rage-fuelled masks of savagery.

This is referred to as the Red Thirst, and it is something that every Blood Angel experiences.

Whether they are delivered into battle by Thunderhawk or Stormraven gunship, or in the troop bay of an armoured transport such as a Rhino, Razorback or Land Raider, the Blood Angels are all but peerless in their mastery of close assault.

This is in part because the gene-seed of Sanguinius grants his sons an incredibly long life span even for Space Marines, during which endless solar hours of practise and countless battles hone their skills to perfection.

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The very inevitability of their curse ennobles the Battle-Brothers of the Blood Angels, driving them ever onwards to a glorious death in the name of the Emperor and their Primarch.

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