Rosh hashanah musaf online dating

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Rosh hashanah musaf online dating

Someone invited me into one of the rabbinical schools for lunch, and I was hungry, so I went.

Afterwards they began davening Mincha, praying the afternoon service.

And if the standing, sitting, Hebrew, and responsive readings are getting you down -- then find someone or some place to teach you the basics of being in shul. I never went to shul growing up, because my family just didn't belong to one.

Sometimes it's just a matter of 1-2-3, and a whole new world can open up before you. I knew synagogue existed, and by about 10 years old I had a desire to go. Later, in university, I met a woman in one of my classes who was from a similar background but had become observant. For services we went to a downstairs minyan at the Hillel House.

The whole experience is now much more real, as I have matured and studied more.

God is not only in shul for me now, but a real part of my life.

I thank Him and ask Him to help me understand things.

When I grew a little bit older, I actually tried a more traditional synagogue, but I was lost because I didn't understand the Hebrew.

Then I discovered a Jewish educational center that followed traditional practices with a lot of clear explanation in English for those of us who were "novices" (which was most of us). There was always enough time to go through everything at my own pace, and it instilled a sense of community.

Shema is the Jewish pledge of allegiance -- proclaiming the unity of God and our acceptance of the Torah's commands. -- Silent Amidah, where we recognize God as the holy one who protects and saves. -- Musaf, which is the "additional" silent Amidah, with greater emphasis on the unique nature of Shabbat. Shul began to give me a feeling of beauty of place. It was a wonderful atmosphere of community, with a special power in everyone just doing the same thing.

We thank Him for the gift of Shabbat, and pray for world peace. -- The Torah is taken out, and the Torah portion of the week is read out loud in Hebrew. * * * The Temple that we went to on the High Holidays relied heavily on organ music and choral singing. I didn't mind having to go, but the whole experience was devoid of meaning; just a lot of ornament and ceremony.

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Perhaps you've found yourself in shul, standing while everyone else was sitting, or sitting while everyone else was standing. And in many synagogues, worship has evolved into a kind of "spectator sport," with people in the audience watching the "show." There is also a language barrier. Also, remember that going to shul is a good way to connect to community, which is very important for a Jew.

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