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Pretty little liars 6x12 online dating

Before they say anything, Spencer comes up with a work-related excuse why her phone was off.The Liars begin discussing the text Aria Montgomery Not Sure Sara Harvey Is The New Big Bad?The Liars begin discussing the text message and who could be responsible.Emily Fields is convinced Sara Harvey sent the message.And by the time Emily eventually bumped into Sara in the cemetery, I was too gasped-out to even react. 3: Aria and Ezra were together the night Charlotte died. Charlotte’s probably not even dead.) Either way, Aria met up with Ezra around the same time Ali’s sister was murked — and unless that awkward prayer or subsequent intervention weren’t obvious enough for you, the girls are getting suspicious of falsely classified as dead. I love “Haleb,” but they’re going to need to drop a major reveal about Jordan if they want us not to like him.

This may not seem important right now, but it was mentioned for a reason.

He promises not to get between Spencer and her caffeine. Did you also notice how she rationalized marrying Jordan?

Not because she loves him, but because he is stable and keeps her grounded.

However, Aria Montgomery seems like she isn’t too sure.

Without saying a word, Aria doesn’t seem totally on board with Sara’s guilt.

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