Gran final de mi corazon insiste online dating

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Gran final de mi corazon insiste online dating

No basis in the story or characters had been laid for new plot developments. There were zero interesting or surprising developments about the back story of the brothers, or the loans Juan made to Miguel and his business problems, or anything. Juan calls out the cavalry and there is a lot of footage of guys and then Paula too, driving around. We just see Juan demand the baby from a stopped car and then being handed the baby without protest. Johnny tells Consuelo that he will love the baby like his own child. They show Juan, mercifully hatless, on a horse with the baby but fortunately don't show him galloping along like that. There is an extremely stupid attempt at suspense when two women arrive by helicopter.

There is an exciting chase scene when Jose threatens to throw the baby off a cliff and then he and Julieta leap to their deaths as Juan grabs the baby. Meanwhile Consuelo is in labor in the hospital waiting room and no one is helping her. Finally, Consuelo is wheeled off to the delivery room. Lupe and Berta are both preggers and Gaspar has had a complete personality transformation. One of them who is dressed in red like Paula when she arrived announces that she is Lulu del Monte, Juan's sister.

For some reason, they've done a complete personality change with Adela. Sofía, discouraged by Rod and Sole's closeness, decides to sell her Palacio company shares and move back to NY. After being threatened by Marcelo, Deb tries feebly to get Andrés to sell, then begins to have pain and bleeding. Then Sole gives us a big foreshadowing scene in seeming to tell Lola she'll always watch over her even if she's not around. HEREDEROSNovelera - there was about a 2 second view of Johnny and Consuelo with babe in arms at the party. I don't post much here because I don't have english captions and I don't speak spanish, so what I would have to say would be mostly a guess.

She's very rude to Lola, who took her into her home, along with her disabled abuelito. Soledad and Rodrigo finally make love on the boat (which turns out to be his, and not a charter). But I read everyones posts here everyday and I am very greatful for them. Plus the time that you (Jean) put in on La Traicion and Dona Barbara, wow, I am forever in your debt.................................... I was going to skip this one, but, now I think it might be worth a look. f=787&i=24587&t=24511#reply_24587thanks again Jean! LA CASA - Friday Last night was interesting --because we now know from Ignacia's sleuthing and Lida's confirmation that that there are 3 brothers - although I'm not sure they're triplets.

She takes charge of making Etelvina part of the household. I'll probably skip "Flor.." - I'm sick of novelas with the main character a prostitute.

)I am thinking that somehow Eva's lover will connect with the Igor Mora family.Agapito warns him how disastrous this could be for his career. Andrés goes to Danny's room, gets him out of bed and re-affirms he'll never sell his shares. I'll admit I watched every episode, more or less. Maybe then we'd get more creative writing for women's roles. He was great in his scenes where he finds out Consuelo was raped and tells her the truth about his inability to father children.At least Andrés, unlike many dumber galanes, understands completely that Lola is doing this to drive him away, at this point mostly because of Debora's suicide threat. He also warns Danny he might have to visit him in jail someday if he follows in his fther's footsteps. HEREDEROSThanks, Jean, for alerting me to the photo on Telenovela World. I kept expecting there'd be a miracle and the kid would be his, but no. btw, if you would ever want to just repost any of the pics I post at TW, here, I would actually be honored, well, they really belong to Telemundo anyway.I'm not exactly sure what happened to her with that guy. Flor Salvajeas far as I know Telemundo has not released a date when this will be shown. Some new developments: Javier gets his old job back and Rebecca is out of the office, but brought in by Don R. It seems as though Eva might have a lover, because she is making a clandestine appointment.(Please Writers, please don't make her lover Javier!!

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But it's just a joke by those funny del Monte brothers.