Freshman in high school dating freshman in college asian chat dating

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Freshman in high school dating freshman in college

Television high school students spend an inordinate amount of time in a single classroom, which is not unreasonable given the likelihood that we will only ever see one or two teachers.

It is also common for a single class to be canceled, giving a student character some free time.

All of these things may exist in some actual US high schools, but it is far and away more common for students to be required to remain in their classrooms unless given written permission to use the restroom or go somewhere else, and many schools even employ guards to stop students from wandering the halls or leaving the campus.

You will notice that the writers often base high school themed works off of where knew someone like that.

The former is actually Truth in Television in Japan and a few other countries where students are assigned to a class that stays in a set homeroom with teachers coming in and out depending on the subject.

If we see another classroom, 99% of the time it will be a thoroughly well-stocked science lab, often with trappings more appropriate to 30 years ago (or whenever the producers went to high school).

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A high school named for the community where it is located (Sunnydale High) is often used to invoke a small-town or suburban setting and geographic names like Moperville North and Moperville South usually indicate that a cross-town rivalry is going to figure into the plot.