England dating websites

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England dating websites

The public archives of the Post Office (Royal Mail Group), including its use of transport, from the 17th century onwards.

Its catalogue is included in that of the Public Record Office (class POST). British Trolleybuses: An online database and archive.

Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust: For more than 40 years the Inland Waterways Protection Sciety (IWPS) worked to save and restore the complex of canal loading and transhipment basins at Bugsworth Basin.

Now a Scheduled Ancient Monument (County Monument #242) and with restoration largely complete, the role of IWPS became one of managing and promoting Bugsworth as a destination venue, attracting more than 50,000 visitors a year.

The NAS also holds an important collection of specialised books and periodicals on transport subjects, mostly inherited from the old railway companies and dating back to the 1840s, as well as timetables, publicity material, engineering and architectural drawings and photographs. Portcullis Archive Catalogue: House of Lords Record Office, House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW (020 7219 3074).

The Cooper collection also contains some relevant material.

Access by public transport: Kew Gardens station (National Rail/London Underground) nearby. National Archives of Ireland: Bishop Street, Dublin 8, Republic of Ireland (00 353 ).

The archives here most likely to be of interest to transport historians are those of the Office of Public Works which from its establishment in 1831 took various responsibilities for inland waterways, roads, harbours, and supervision of railways.

Signalling Record Society: The Society has had archive material in its custody for a number of years.

Most of the archive is in paper form but with increasing use of computers for record keeping, some of the archive material is now being made available in digital form.

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Other material consists of photographic collections. Transport for London Group Archives and Records Management: Ground Floor, Wing-over-Station, 55 Broadway, London, SW1H 0BD (020 7918 4142).