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By the end of the nineteenth century Haverhill had almost come to resemble a red-brick midlands mill town, dominated by the Gurteen's Factory.Most of the people in Haverhill worked in some way for the Gurteen family.The Haverhill Electric Palace was opened in the alley off the High Street, where the motor cycle shop now stands, at the rear of 39 High Street. Barclay's Bank now occupies Dr Goodman's house at number 39.Military manoeuvres took place at Hundon and Horseheath.

After half an hour a local element of rowdy youths broke up the meeting. The town had grown from 1,200 in 1800, slowly at first, with most growth in the later part of the 19th century. However with the outbreak of war, Gurteens received new government contracts for the supply of military uniforms. There was a large airship raid of eight Zeppelins on the night of 31st July and 1st August, 1916.Their silk factory at Hamlet Green was later closed.A gruesome murder occurred in Keebles Yard when Elias Backler murdered his common law wife, Louisa Mizon, and her 22 days old twin sons.One of the re-cast bells had pre-dated the Great Haverhill fire of 1667.Women often led on issues in factories like Gurteens.

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Houses were tightly crowded together as this view from St Mary's church tower in 1900 shows.

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