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Dating new testament manuscripts

Nothing is more picturesque than the varied scenes intended to illustrate the books of chronicles, legends, etc. Eastern artists, whether Christian or Muslim, frequently portray their subjects on backgrounds of gold; in Persian manuscripts, however, are found attempts at landscape backgrounds, several of which betray a Chinese influence.

An attempt was made to substitute for religious representations a purely ornamental art.The Gospel canons are set in arcades ornamented with flowers and birds.The scene of the Crucifixion is treated with an abundance of detail which is very rare at this period.The works of the Syro-Mesopotamian School seem to have missed the meaning of the Hellenic figures (figures in flowing draperies) of which they retained the tradition.On a Syriac evangeliary in the Borgian Museum ( manuscripts Syr., 14, f, k.) men and animals are painted in unreal colours and are bordered with black lines which give to the illuminations the appearance of cloisonné enamels.

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