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Dancing with the stars dating

“It’s mainly to make sure their professional dancers won’t feel the difference and have trouble lifting them when the new year comes around.

It will also make sure injuries or drop-outs are avoided.” The hit series will return in January with HOLLY ­WILLOUGHBY and PHILLIP SCHOFIELD at the helm, 11 years after they first ­presented the show.

I absolutely loved it.'Carrie Ann Inaba was so enthralled she even cursed in her praise, getting bleeped out as she said 'the unison was sick as f***! On this occasion three's perfect.'Paralympic swimmer Victoria Arlen had the scariest night, shown having a spasm during the dress rehearsal that she called 'the worst pain known to man.

It's like an extreme form of paralysis.'Her pro partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy was shown carrying her off the dancefloor and pleading: 'Can someone call her mom?

After Carrie Ann called him the 'Prince of Soul,' Drew nodded to Rashad — who he also called his 'swag coach' — and said: 'I had the guru of groove here helping me out.'Violinist Lindsey Stirling bounced back from last week where she was badly hurt with a rib injury, having admitted: 'I was in a lot of pain.

'Kelly then looked a Terrell, who had his shirt open for his routine, and gushed: 'That man is sculpted out of heaven.'I loved everything about you coming here.''I had a great time,' Terrell smiled, pointing to Cheryl as he added: 'She was a great teacher — I couldn't have asked for anything more.'Cheryl, meanwhile, told him: 'Terrell I'm so proud of the dancer you've become but most importantly the person you've allowed us all to see.So proud of you.'The decision came on a night where he had a vast improvement, getting all 9s for his first dance, a Charleston, with head judge Len Goodman telling him: 'Of all of our celebrities nobody has improved from week one as much as you.'But the real highlight of his week came when General Hospital star Kelly came and the flirting started immediately.'Kelly is very beautiful,' Terrell admitted, smiling as he added: 'I heard she is single, so am I.I truly do believe in you, I believe in this partnership and I think that our time is not over yet.'But he was left in jeopardy along with Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz — who ironically finished top of the leaderboard the previous week — and seemed accepting of the decision as he was sent home before next week's semis.As he walked forward to huge cheers, co-host Erin Andrews said he had 'become such a huge part of this family.''I've known you for a while and I've never seen this side of you — it looks good on you,' sports host Erin told him.

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I'm pretty proud of it.'They did even better when Olympic ice skating champ Kristi Yamaguchi, the winner of season 6, joined them for a jazz routine to Let's Face The Music And Dance, with Carrie Ann praising their 'incredible synergy' and insisting: 'I'd pay money to go see that dance.