Courage website homosexuality

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Courage website homosexuality

Encourage has meetings with parents who have adult sons and daughters who subsequently tell the parents, “If you love me, you will love my behavior and my way of life.” They're our sister group.Forty percent of the calls I get in this office are from parents.With interior chastity, they have purified their affection for the sin and avoid it for love of Christ.Courage helps them to get away from the negative and try to be chaste because they love Christ.I'm not saying they shouldn't tell their relatives, but they are hurting.We have the opposite extreme now, which says that it's perfectly all right to be openly gay.Everybody needs chaste friendships, whether you are heterosexual or homosexual.The fifth goal is to live as good examples to other homosexuals.

As he prepares to retire and devote more time to writing, he spoke to Register correspondent Connie Pilsner in his New York office about his ministry's future.

By getting together, people with same-sex attractions share an ideal of chastity.

We have many members, particularly older members, who have never told their relatives, and they get the support from the group.

By identifying with heterosexual men, he reduces the power of temptation.

In addition to attending the collective retreats at the sports camp in the spring, men also make individual retreats.

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We are also about to have our fourth women's retreat.

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