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With slots, casinos have made a science over the last decade of monitoring players and keeping them interested in the machines with a constant stream of rewards and freebies.In part, that development has helped slots generate the lion's share of casinos' revenue--up to 80 or 90 percent in a typical casino, according to Richards.In casinos, RFID technology is still relatively rare and in search of a killer application to spur adoption.Yet some tech-savvy casino executives envision RFID transforming the way they operate table games, including blackjack, craps and roulette, over the next four or five years.Perhaps that's why the Wynn has found a dual purpose for the high-tech chips: The casino is also using the chips to help account for the chips they issue on credit to players, since managing credit risk is a huge part of any big casino's operations.The Wynn plans to take note of the serial numbers of the chips they lend and of the name of players who cash them in.

And counterfeiting is on the rise at overseas casinos, Copher noted.With antennas placed under each player's place at the table, dealers can take a quick inventory of chips that have been wagered at the push of a button.The PCs display all the initial bets, deterring players from sneaking extra chips into their pile after hands are dealt. It may also help casinos boost profits through savvier marketing. In addition to monitoring wagers, the casino plans to use its new RFID system to "rate players"--monitor gamblers to reward them with free rooms, meals and other perks based on how much and how often they wager.That's one reason the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas plans to switch on a new set of RFID-equipped betting chips and tables next month.The casino is installing RFID readers and PCs at game tables.

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Casino mogul Steve Wynn has pulled out all the stops for his new $2.7 billion mega-resort in Las Vegas: an 18-hole championship golf course, a private lake and mountain, and a bronze tower housing 2,700 plush guest rooms.

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