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Aunties free chat rooms no registration

(13/10/2017 (alb)Australia, a Country of Climatic, Geographical and Social Contrast and Contradiction. Pippies, Oysters, and other tucker immediately available and all day. ) and the Grandstanding Antics and Stunts, and all the Police and Media Attention.! (13/12/2012.alb)These gestures, offerings, actions, initiatives, achievements and/or accomplishments, by the Aboriginal Elite and their Supporters of the many years, on reflection, it is/was all about Money. Or the natives are simply not smart or sophisticated enough to know what is right for them. ) I would probably be able to start to think/consider, that my job will/would be just about done. Or rather, the Sheer/Blind Stupidity of all these prominent Blackfellas that promote and pursue these issues ! They can dream to be like their idols the African American rappers/winners. Cultural Lives project manager, Mr Mc Conchie has spoken with hundreds of Elders, as have I, and we come to the same conclusions. Maybe they need to say they want to stage a Cultural/Music Festival. But the festival has been contaminated/defiled by grubby politicking. ( I'm researching this and au and there will be more on this soon. ) (alb)This festival is in Hippy Country where there is at least one every other weekend ! And are happy to play Jacky-Jacky and be mere spectators ! All old campaigners and not averse to a bit of misrepresentation by omission ! And I have drank and even slept in the the dry bed of the mighty Todd River !

Then we have the Coastal Fringe, where in a lot of places, it was Paradise. This is why people like and others feel the need to Communicate Directly with heads of Government. It is the Failure of These People that led directly to the Loss of A. I bet the Locals, including Residents and Regular Visitors of/to Musgrave Park, are just about Sick of Sovereignty (already.? After a hard day protesting these Anarchists get together, have a beer, and a good giggle about them silly Blackfullas down at the Park.! Agendas with a "let them eat cake" touch about them. And when I decide to take that step, ( And I Will, make no mistake about that ! Well, back to The Stupidity of Sovereignty and Similar agendas/focuses. Aboriginal youth can be construed to have a choice, they can be victims hence losers like their mob. Or they can take the middle ground and succeed as Australians. And is an educational experience for non-indigenous including children. Handing out T-shirts and using the Yella Fella Mick Dodsonand his Constitutional Recognition bullshit/agenda ! RECOGNISE of course for those who don't know, is controlled by the board of Reconciliation Australia ! The indigenous alternative media's stated main concern and justification for their existence, is the reporting or, misreporting of indigenous issues by the mainstream media, yet they deliberately ignore or sidestep things they should be investigating and reporting on ! ( Well, there is no doubt that in Central Australia many would be referred to/as being Yella-fellas) Yes I know, they will all scream but we are Black too ! Mary Graham, Lila Watson, Michael Manselland Bob Weatherall were the panel members.

(alb)In the early years of setting up Aboriginal Organisations in Brisbane, much in-Fighting and Manipulating went on. Including Unsecured Loans (advanced wages) to Staff and Management. Most of the so-called role-models employed in A&I identified positions and A&I organisations that have received good wages and for many years, generally have nothing, or, very little to show for it. For instance, A&I Organisation AGMs, that no-one knows about. An insult to people that studied and done it hard for years to obtain knowledge and qualifications in their Chosen Field. I don't know what happened after that as I moved out from where I was at the time. The 0.00 (over 0 with rent assist) a fortnight on the Dole, and 0 for DSP is a huge sum to these People and many of the enterprising have started businesses on this income.! The Whitefullas have to sort out this terrible Child Abuse in our Communities for us. alb)This splashed across the front page of the NIT. The White Card indicates and reassures that this particular Blackfella is OK to live in, and is acceptable to Whitefella society. Yes Australia, where people freeze to death in the snow, as others die of thirst in our deserts.! And in the next suburb, Housing Commission virtually giving them away. 11/2005, alb)A major problem and impediment to progress is the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) aka, The Aboriginal Industry. EVERYONE in South Brisbane including Non-Indigenous Locals, The Police, the A&I Community, the People that Accept and Accepted the mantle of Community Leaders and Spokespersons and so-called Role Models, Was Aware of the Ongoing Maladministration, Mismanagement and Corruption including Drug-dealing, (there were police raids) Associated with This Organisation. Yet only newly appointed Manager (he's still around and on boards) for her efforts and, Without Explanation. And to see if I could also get Fifty thousand dollars.! I don't want to promote sales but check where they (NIT) put the press release from ORIC re. The Problem is, we are becoming locked bolted and cemented there and could/will never Move On. alb) Author John Green frequently discusses the human tendency to both romanticise the past and to give nostalgic value to the future. Almost non-existent 30 years ago, the rate of Cultural/Music Festivals among the First Australians has reached record levels, not particularly in remote communities and not particularly among the youth. homelessness and concerning Gerryand his articles on the indymedia site, that A show on SBS about the Mathare Valley slum in Kenya. A clinic run by a young nurse that has 7,000 patients. Whenever Jeffstarts his repetitious AVI rant, I always picture him frothing at the mouth. Theres people committing suicide over house mortgages in this Country. The Accumulation of Blatant Maladministration, Mismanagement and Gross Incompetence in A&I Organisations in Brisbane for instance, led to the Loss of Musgrave Park Aboriginal Corporation (M. As well as being a day and drop-in centre for many A&I and non-Indigenous homeless and street people. (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) for Human Rights. I tried to contact him (as a concerned and involved member of the Aboriginal and broader community of Brisbane) to find out the situation with FAIRA and why they were giving them () this money. The Difference being of course, is that to the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) the Past is Pure Gold and/or Big Money.! the Mbantua festival ( said to have cost million ) and only the tip of the iceberg. Of the billion dollars estimated expenditure on Aboriginal affairs/issues in this Country, how much is spent on these Cultural/Music Festivals and Sports Carnivals!? These shacks are their houses, their homes Simon Reeve. Her beautiful house made of mud, tree twigs and limbs. The people setting up shops to sell their meager goods in their spotless village. Jeff Mcmullensaid we are living in fourth world conditions ! Kept alive only in Les Malezerand Tom Calma's mind. Only on Game Of you can watch and download hand picked HD Sex movies for free. Our team work hard to bring you new high-definition full videos every day.You won't find on the other porno tube, that perfect streaming free sex videos.

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Mainly through Poor corporate governance practices and inadequate financial management. With Lack of Accountability being a Major Contributing Factor. It has been quite a learning experience for my children and I. As a well-known contributor, I confidently state that they (Murri Country Radio) have received from me, (mainly by faxes) than anyone else in the Whole World.! And Address the Blatant, Maladministration Mismanagement and Incompetence that is a Major and Ongoing Problem and Flaw in many A&I Organisations and Associated Services in inner City Brisbane. According to the People that speak for us in the Media. In The Multi-Cultural Society of the Future, Peoples with an Attitude or Agendas that are a Burden on Society will Not be Tolerated. But you can bet your bottom dollar he (she) won't be Aboriginal. And soon Discover that they Don't Need to go to School to enjoy this Laid Back and Responsibility Free Lifestyle. Many from substance abuse issues, mainly alcohol) (c. alb)These shows on TV lately about other Black People and how they live. Yet we can't seem to get ahead or even get on with life. The emphasis is on sympathy these days for future reference re. To many people with a Vested Interest in Victim-Hood. But I didn't know him very well and I must have missed something.! Then we have what Tigarefers to as, the Dominant Society.

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