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Arrow 1x08 legendado online dating

I think this might be the first episode Oliver offers any type of explanation for why he started sleeping with Sara. Oliver and Helena run into Tommy and Laurel at dinner and for inexplicable reasons, other than Laurel is hungry and doesn’t want to wait, the four embark on the most uncomfortable double date known to mankind. I don’t recall Oliver bringing much happiness to Laurel. It certainly would be fair to draw that conclusion based on Diggle’s statement.

Things were getting too serious with Laurel, so he started sleeping with her sister. Have you ever heard the term proportional response? The element of change exists in Tommy just like it does for Oliver.

Oliver follows Crazy Pants out of bed and stops her from killing China White. Both of whom proceed to storm dramatically out of the restaurant while I applauded them. He believes they are weapons of emotions and unpredictability. Stating that Laurel is the love of Oliver’s life in the eighth episode felt a bit anti climatic.

I know killing is bad, but I’m okay with China White biting the big one. What’s more, Oliver has tools in place that keep innocent bystanders from getting hurt. We’re talking S1 Oliver so that’s pretty friggin’ dark. Oliver: The only thing I remember from Aspen is your father being furious we shared a room with one bed. This dinner scene unravels any progress Oliver makes with Helena. As if Oliver and Laurel’s fates were simply predetermined, without either of them exercising any sort of free will in the matter. I was proud of Tommy standing up for himself, but immediately annoyed he showed up to apologize.

Within Oliver and Laurel’s love story exists a fatal flaw. This is probably one of the most important speeches John Diggle has ever made.

Yes, Oliver loved Laurel, but maybe…he didn’t love her enough. There was more to it for Bartlett and I cannot shake the feeling there’s more to it for Oliver. Oliver wanted to nuke the relationship - that’s the only explanation for sleeping with your girlfriend’s sister. Maybe there was something fundamentally missing from the relationship. Something that the audience is sensing in these initial episodes and early interactions between Oliver and Laurel. ) Yes, I agree Helena is very purrrty, but you just handed over your play book and it’s actually a PLAY BOOK. The sex couldn’t be that good and, even if it was, it’s time to think with the big brain now. Diggle is always the big brain and he’s ready to talk some sense into Oliver. “Diggle’s my….”Moral compass, kick ass partner, friend, brother, occasional father figure when called for, the voice in my head, the voice I should be listening to right now but I’m overly focused on the big blue eyes staring at me and the legs that come along with them. Listen up, if Diggle doesn’t approve of girlfriend then girlfriend gots to go. I could attempt to psychoanalyze Oliver, cause that’s how I roll, but Diggle does such an excellent job. The government and news networks use it all the time in reference to military actions. An American soldier is killed and President Bartlett wants to nuke Syria in response. Oliver: Well I don’t think that’s any of your business Diggle. The last thing Diggle wants to discuss is your sex life. Diggle: It became my business when you brought me into this. And that’s why you think you can change this girl because you need to think you can. Oliver blows Diggle off, because he’s an idiot, and proceeds to get Helena a new weapon, outfit and mask. If we were to check off the lists of an ideal love interest for Oliver Queen, Helena would fit the bill. However, I think Tommy and Laurel are more honest than Laurel and Oliver.It takes Leo Mc Garry all episode to talk him off the ledge and convince Bartlett that the same level of response is not only warranted, but is how a super power behaves. Well, I take any opportunity to prattle about West Wing. But when Oliver explained why he slept with Sara the only words I could think of were “proportional response.” By that I mean, Oliver sleeping with Sara is a disproportional response. He’d prefer watching you work out shirtless rather than discuss who you are sleeping with. And when I signed on I told you I was going to keep your head straight. You’re like a dope fiend who thinks he can deal with his own addiction by making another addict go straight. She’s dark and twisty like Oliver, can kick ass and has a desire to seek justice (er..revenge). They face their problems head on and work through them together. I’d like it noted that Walter warns Felicity how dangerous investigating Moira can be and she doesn’t even blink.

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Perhaps Helena checked off a multitude of boxes, but there’s one left unchecked…selflessness. A person willing to put others ahead of their own desires and needs. In the present, Oliver must prove to Laurel he’s changed. He must be fundamentally different for their relationship to work. They never wanted the same things and rather than be honest about it, they simply chose to see what they wanted to. The past five years made them fundamentally different people.

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